Away, away, canceled - an art journal spread

Moikka moi, crafty people! I'm pretty sure you can guess by now where this spread is made. I've been blogging several others like it with the same or similar background already. If you guessed Kässäfestarit, you were right! 

While demoing in the event, I tried to make different kinds of pages. But this black and white color scheme was in fact "a challenge" lehtipollo (link) threw while she was attending the event and stopped by my table! It was a fun challenge! I did add some neural old paper color in it as well in the form of painter's tape. But mostly the spread is black and white. 

The film strip, the stamped lock character as well as the "canceled" stickers were all new purchases from the event. I have loads of Tim Holtz paper dolls, as you might have noticed, so I thought to get something a bit different. The lock character on the other hand spoke to me and I have a typewriter being of the same air. And the "canceled" stickers felt quite topical in the light of last two years. If you can't see where the stickers are is because they are in Finnish, those little white scripts near the photos. 

Thank you for your visit! Stay safe everyone! 

Materials: Lost Coast Designs, Tim Holtz, PaperArtsy, Ranger, Tape Garden

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lehtipollo said...

Hieno tuli, ihanat tekstuurit! :)

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