Creative JumpStart 2022 is now on sale!

It's Cyber Monday and the Creative JumpStart has just gone to sale! If you are familiar with this one of a kind workshop hosted by Nathalie Kalbach, then go shopping right away with a special Cyber Monday price! If you use my affiliate link (link), I'll get a small sum of the sale without any extra cost to you!

If you still need some more confirming, this is THE workshop for you, please read on. And check the trailer below!

Creative JumpStart or CJS is a one-of-a-kind online workshop hosted by Nathalie Kalbach, designed to kick your creativity into high gear in the New Year. This year the workshop has kept some of the elements that were brought in to celebrate the 10th anniversary last year and some new additions, too!

Beginning January 1st, each day a new video lesson will go live in the classroom. CJS 2022 will include 38 different mixed media artists! The workshop is delivered over four weeks via 38 pre-recorded lessons and on top of that there's interactive sessions, too. You can connect with the instructions, get the chance to ask questions, get hands-on help, and seek support from the community directly.

Today, on Cyber Monday, the CJS22 will be available on a special discount prize of $45 USD. It's almost a steal with 38 videos and extras! During CJS you'll learn techniques, discover new materials, and connect with other artists and crafters. So, go ahead, enjoy the Early Bird price and go shopping here (affiliate link)!

Have a great Saturday! And get ready to JumpStart!

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