Impasto Inquiries - DAY 2


Moikka moi and welcome to day 2 of the "Impasto Inquiries" Trio! Trios are posts that I started while I was a member of the Seth Apter Creative Team. I enjoyed making a series of three posts so much, that I decided to continue them at least for a while. If you want to see the older Seth Trios, you can find them under this label (link). The Trio posts usually had a topic, or a product, to which I concentrated, like Izink ICE (link). Or I could challenge myself with limited supplies (link) or use one source of inspiration for three pieces, like I did with "Mothers of Kalevala" (link). In a way they are extended versions of the "Inspired By" posts we used to make together with Marsha Valk. You can explore those posts under this label (link).

This month I'm concentrating on Impasto acrylic paints from the Finnabair line. This theme was suggested when I was asking for Facebook live ideas and I felt that a simple Facebook live might have been too short of a time to study the paints. So, in the course these three Trio posts I'm showing different aspects of the paints, sharing some techniques but also making comparisons. In the first post from yesterday I was comparing the Impastos with two ways to thicken paint to kind of match the thickness of them. Today I'm showing Impasto paints side by side with regular acrylics.

As you may have noticed yesterday already, I'm doing all the tests on top of collaged chipboard tags. There's differences in the torn pieces on the tags, but otherwise I though that a somewhat uniform surface would help to show the differences between the paint mediums. 

Like said yesterday, Impasto paints are thick. So while they are wonderful for some techniques and especially to those where you require texture and dimension, on others they just won't work. In this duo I show one of those techniques - there might be more, but this is the one I've come across when doing different projects and playing with paints. 

In the video I again make tags, side by side. Only two tags this time as I'm just comparing Impasto acrylics with regular craft acrylics. The first technique is the one that shows the biggest difference - gel printing. While I get a nice print with the regular acrylics, the heavy, "dry" Impastos won't give me almost anything. But it's a totally different story with maybe more traditional use of the paints - stenciling and painting. For stenciling they work wonders also using a sponge and making a flat paint layer. The dry, thick paint gives a nice crisp image also this way. And when I then pattern the wet paint after brushing a layer of it to the tag, I get nice dimensional grooves to the Impasto compared to the flatter version of the regular paints. But it's what you are after. If you like dimensional strokes and texture, maybe Impastos are better for you than regular craft paints. But if you love doing gel prints, then steer away from Impastos. Or be like me and alternate between the two! 

Like in the first video, I then finish the tags with some elements but the main comparison is done on the backgrounds. For these tags I made a little composition using the gel print I got cleaning the plate, some Tim Holtz paper dolls and some thread. I also used some text stickers and used white on the darker tag and black ones on the lighter one as this was something that each needed in my eye. The other one needed more contrast and the other a bit more white to light things up. 

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you have liked this second part of the "Impasto Inquiries" Trio. Please be back tomorrow for the third and final part!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Paper Garden, Tim Holtz, Sinelli, Posca

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