Alluring Alphabets - DAY 2: Art Journal

Moikka! Welcome to the second day of September Trio! 

Trios are posts that I started while I was a member of the Seth Apter Creative Team. I enjoyed making the series of three posts so much, that I decided to continue them at least for a while. If you want to see the older Seth Trios, you can find them under this label (link). The Trio posts usually had a topic, or a product, to which I concentrated, like Izink ICE (link). Or I could challenge myself with limited supplies (link) or use one source of inspiration for three pieces, like I did with "Mothers of Kalevala" (link). In a way they are extended versions of the "Inspired By" posts we used to make together with Marsha Valk. You can explore those posts under this label (link).

Yesterday I started this month's Trio with some cards. There the alphabets were quite obvious and easy to be seen. In today's journal some of them are more hidden than others. You probably see the red letters first and then maybe spot the letters on the white background on the top of the page. But can you make out the letters in the bottom of the page? While other ideas I used in this page call for alphabet stamps, the textural part can naturally be done using any stamps. 

I'm using the same alphabet stamp set throughout the three projects. It's from PaperArtsy, designed by Seth Apter and I received it while I still was a member of his Creative Team. I love the grungy letters! But when you think of the first use I share in the video, for journaling, smaller letters might be easier to use. Or depends how much you want to journal. Also, with bigger letters you have less to cover in a way. I couldn't even fit one word to the width of my page without stamping on top of the letters, so even if some of the journaling is still visible after background work, you could probably even journal something personal without everyone knowing what the journaling is about. If you'd use smaller stamps, you could probably fit two or even three whole lines to that space and thus have some of the text visible. At least to me art journaling is quite personal and even though I do blog the pages, they may have some hidden messages only I understand and want to understand. 

Stamping onto modeling paste is a somewhat daring task. Not as daring I'm sharing in the mini book tomorrow, but still requires some courage. If you are very protective of your stamps, maybe try using a not-favorite one first. They key is to add some spritzes of water to the stamp before pushing it to the paste and then cleaning the stamps right away so the acrylic-based product doesn't harden on them. Depending what you are then after, either let the paste air-dry or use a heat tool. As always, using a heat tool may cause the product to boil and thus create more softer shapes than letting the paste air-dry.

I guess the third idea with the alphabet stamps is quite self-explanatory. I turned the letters into little building blocks or alphabet cubes. While choosing the letters I did make "why?", but also added just fun looking letters. Here you could add a hidden message to the page, if you like. Or you could use this idea to make cards as well! Maybe a card to a baby shower or christening? 

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope stamping on modeling paste isn't too scary for you as tomorrow I turn the scariness up twelve notches! See you tomorrow! 

Materials: PaperArtsy, Ranger, Prima Marketing, Tim Holtz

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