Moonlight barn owl


Good evening and good new week! I'm a bit late today with the post, sorry about that! Normally I time my posts before hand but I got wrapped up in creating on Sunday and forgot to check I had the week done. Turns out I hadn't! 

But today I'm sharing a little canvas with you. I actually call this "giraffe barn owl" as his neck is a bit on the long side. I wanted the head placed on top of the moon, but my reference photo was cropped... I actually did that not noticing, but when I took a critical look to the painting, I noticed the long neck. Or maybe he's just looking for prey? 

The owl is painted using acrylic paints as well as the background. The moon, stars and glimmer on his feathers are done using transfer foils. I mixed a hologram style version with silver one. This is actually done as a sample for work, to show another way to use the foils.

Thank you for stopping by today! Please be back tomorrow for something completely different! 

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