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Hello! Yesterday I started another series of posts for the Seth Apter Creative Team! As before, I started on Wednesday, continuing today on Thursday and finish on Friday. You can find Seth Apter's site here (link) and more about the Creative team here (link). I've included a list of products to the end of the post with links to Seth's own store.

This time my theme is to use the same 15 supplies in three projects. No extras allowed except glue and double-sided tape. OK, I did use a black gel pen in one, too. But no extra mediums! As when you have limited means, you want to get products that you can use in various ways and maybe in the colors you love or that go well to everything. I hope that my project and choices give some ideas and tips how to start building your stash. Or if you already have a big stash - how sometimes limiting your options is good and opens new doors!

Here's the link to the first post (link) with a little bit more about the mediums I chose and why I picked just them. 

Like I wrote yesterday, I am sharing a layout today. While you might not be a scrapbooker, the techniques go to cardmaking and art journaling, too. I just wanted different project styles to maybe inspire some of you to try another project type. 

While I used the same supplies to each project, this project has a bit different color scheme as the rest. It's because I used the sprays to color the white gesso and thus got tints. You could tweak your acrylics this way, too. If you have a limited range of acrylic colors, but have other colors of sprays or even ink pads, you can mix those around. Naturally it will effect to the thickness of the paint and the properties, but it's something you can consider or think when working with limited supplies.

What you could take out of this video is how you can color gesso or use the trick to other acrylic-based paints, too, like I wrote earlier. But also that you can create your patterned papers even as a scrapbooker. When I was doing more layouts than nowadays, I tended to use ready pattern papers. And those are fine! But if you are on a budget, investing on a couple of inks and stamps might come handy in the long run. Also, making your own papers gives you the perfect control over the color scheme and patterns to add and adds even more of your own touch to the finished piece. 

If you think making your own papers is just too much, then consider making some and then using a copy machine or a scanner and printer. That way you have your own hand-made papers but don't have to start from scratch each time! 

The topic of the layout is me identifying most as a crafter. I don't consider myself an artists, but more like a hobbyist and a crafter covers all the different projects I do. I craft, therefor I am a crafter. 

While I use the same supplies in the projects and thus have the same color scheme as well, I also noticed that a circle is also something that keeps popping up. For the card I made a big golden sun to back the character and here I drew a circle to gather the attention to the photo. I used the circle in my third project as well. As a shape the circle goes anywhere, is easy to watch and depending on the placement creates calmness or provokes attention. Such an effective shape! 

Thank you again for stopping by today! I hope you have liked these two projects and come back again tomorrow for the third and last one!  

15 products used in the series: 

8. Ranger Archival Ink "Jet Black"
9. white cardstock
10. white gesso
11. old book pages
12. pencil
13. old buttons
14. paper clips
15. washi tape

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