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Hi there and happy Monday! Hopefully you had a lovely, creative weekend! Today I'm sharing the recording of a Facebook live I kept in June. Gosh, I'm so bad at sharing them directly after the show! I promise to try to be better with the one I kept just last week. 

But this time the live was about different acrylic paints on Prima's repertoire. There's the Impasto paints, that are heavy body, meaning they are thick, and then there's the Liquid acrylics, that are almost like watercolors. During the live I made an art journal page using both of those acrylics and also some other mediums. You can see the announcement post for the live here (link) where the materials are listed.

You can see the recording of the show here underneath. After the recording I decided to add a little detail to my guardian. As she's all about the voice, I covered her eyes with a strip of masking tape. After making that move she started to resemble Lady Justice, which isn't a bad thing, either.

As you probably noticed, there's two pages in the top most photo. I'm sharing that other one tomorrow. It's done using same techniques but just with different colors.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a splendid week! 

Materials: Prima Marketing

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