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Hello there and pleasant Friday! Today I'm sharing my contribution to this month's Art Daily Cafe theme. You can find the theme post here (link).

Some years back I had the privilege to attend a few workshops by the inspirational Louise Nelson (link). One of the topics she covered were these fabulous little portraits, a hand and eye exercise. I liked the technique very much but haven’t tragically really used it since. This theme seemed perfect to make some sketches again! 

I was first thinking of using collage as my way to add the portraits to the spread. But when I had the idea of doing the faces myself, I only ended up using collage to add a background to them. I drew the faces using a Posca marker while watching TV on a A4 paper and then cut the images loose to be used on top of the other layers. It was fun to realize that even during drawing these few portraits, I started getting better at it.

I continued the Louise theme another way in the page, too. I used several stamps in the spread to add texture and pattern. Some of the stamps are bought, but I also used some stamps I made during the workshops. Using the stamps was an easy way to keep to the color scheme and add a bit more black to the project.

I wanted to keep the page quite monochrome and used a lot of white and black in it. But I did mix in some old bookpaper tones, too. I used bookpaper in the other side of the spread but I mainly added the title and “nicknames” using it. I cut out different words from the spelling list and adhered one next to each drawing, kind of naming each. 

I started the background as a one piece and then cut it in two later, adhering pieces to opposite pages in the spread. It’s the same trick as with this spread I did earlier, in case you want to see (link)

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great, artsy weekend! Stay safe everyone!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Posca, Ranger, Tape Garden

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