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Hiya there! Today I'm sharing a layout I actually made for International Scrapbooking Day some weeks ago. There's a process video a little further down! 

We’re living in a special time. One of the reasons is that museums are actively documenting the events as we live those during this pandemic. I can only imagine how important sources the diaries of this time will be later on as a source to see inside the heads of people living in the situation. How it affected our daily lives, decisions and consumption. As a scrapbooker, documenting is something we do. But you might not want to share with all the emotions and stories. So, I came up with this solution – a hidden place for journaling that can hold a lot – an envelope behind the page. 

I deliberately wanted to keep the layout airy and light, not going into the darker tones I usually am drawn to. I used my own photo, as the journaling inside will be of my thoughts and added phrases that are important now – the comfort of one’s family, to keep on smiling, to stay hopeful and document these moments.

With this video I wish you all a wonderful day! Stay safe!

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lehtipollo said...

Ihana, niin herkulliset värit ja kivaa kerrostusta!

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