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Hi there! A couple of days ago I wrote a lengthy post about a new workshop starting on January 2020 and mentioned that it also holds a challenge. I'm referring to this post about Savvy Supply School (link)

The challenge has now been running for four days and this one was the first ATC shared on Monday. If you haven't joined in yet OR seen the video, you can do so here (link) at Mixed Up Creatives Facebook group or see the video here (link) at Vimeo

Acrylic paints are quick to dry. The drying time differs due to the place you live, the surface you are using and the thickness of the layer, but overall, they usually dry very fast and allow you to make quick layers. If you want more “open time”, that is, to enable the paint to dry more slowly, you can add different extenders to the paints. But another fun way to play with the drying time is just to add water in some places while others stay dry. To try this out you don’t need anything but acrylic paints and water. If you happen to have a heat tool and a water mister, all the better!

In the video I show this technique that results a fun, layered look. The colour shades you use effect greatly to the appearance of the final piece. Here I used a teal together with two colours of oranges – one more yellow than the other – and the final piece looks like a corroded or rusted metal.

Thank you for stopping by today! Please consider joining the challenge here (link)! And naturally, get your spot to Savvy Supply School early enough as the seats are limited! You can purchase the workshop here (link) and please use the code RKSSS20 to get a 20% discount! 

Materials: Prima Marketing

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