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Here's a project I've been thinking about doing some time, but couldn't get it done before that was a topic at design team sign up sheet! So, when there was an altered embroidery hoop day coming to Prima blog (link) I definitely wanted to be a part of it! 

Size isn’t everything! I’ve had this little embroidery hoop for a while in my collection and this post was a perfect time to alter it. First, I added a piece of paper to it as the base for the composition and then used 3D Gel as my adhesive adding flowers and other embellishments in place. I decided to call the piece “Even roses have thorns” as I included some sewing elements to the composition including needles.

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848712 – Vintage Floral Misty Fields 
631178 – Lavender flowers Milane 
631390 – Love Story flowers Antoinette 
590260 – Watercolor Confections Shimmering Lights 
596781 – Color Philosophy Permanent Ink Chat Noir 
961367 – 3D Gloss Gel 
961459 – Heavy Gesso Black 
961442 – Heavy Gesso White 
960261 – Mechanicals Numbers 
960247 – Mechanicals Roman Numerals 
961893 – Messy Clear stamp 

Materials: Prima Marketing

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