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Hi there! So sorry for the absence again! I'm working like a crazy person and even though I have projects to share and blog, I can't seem to find the time to write the posts! I need a secretary! 

But I managed to type something to share this layout I did as a guest designer for CSI challenge as Mixed Up magazine (link) people are guesting there. You can see the current challenge here (link) and the Rules to participate here (link)

I used to be a CSI detective, part pf the design team, so doing this page as well as the previous one (link) was a trip down the memory lane. Back in the day, solving of the challenge required the use of all the colors, one idea from the Testimony and at least three (or was it even five) from the Evidence section. I usually had fun and tried to add as many as possible from the Evidence section. But nowadays the challenge is much more free so don't get intimidated! 

I did this layout "old school", like the previous page, and used all the colors of the Case File, several pieces of Evidence and a topic from Testimony. My jumping off point for the page was the topic from the Testimony as I documented something about reading. I so wish I'd had more than 24 hours in a day to do fun things! I used to read a lot but nowadays I'm ashamed how little I manage to read. In a way the reading "challenges" for the Inspired By (link) were really good as then I forced myself to find time to read. Before I devoured a book a day but now it's more like a book a month... Although I read regularly to the kids! I also tried to include the presentation part of the Testimony, as I wrote my journaling running across a label.

From the Evidence I included florals, flowers, labels and bling as well as puffy stickers, book pages and washi tape. I guess these are easy to spot, but gold embellishments and especially vintage elements might be harder. I'm not sure if a title is embellishment, but that was the inspiration for the golden, sparkly Thickers. And the vintage part, there's an old button hiding near the photo.

Underneath you can find the Case File and all the things I used from it. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!

The scene: light warm gray (labels), ballerina pink (paint), light cherry red (rose), black (doodles), buttery yellow (background)

Evidence: floral pattern (patterned paper), flowers, labels (stickers), bling, puffy stickers, book pages, gold embellishments (Thickers), washi tape, vintage elements (vintage button)

Testimony: topic (document something about reading), presentation (put your journaling on a label)

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, American Crafts, Sannin Helmi

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