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Sweet Sunday! Today I have something sweet to share with you. It's a Valentines page for or about my husband.

This year is a special one for me. Now in February my husband and I celebrate our 10th anniversary and in July we’ve been together for 15 years! It feels that the decade has just flown by! To stop the moment from fleeing, I wanted to document the special year and snapped a picture of our hands one day. He was sick with flu and I had paint stain on my hand… but somehow I find this picture really true and honest and love it for that! 

To make up for the “not so cute” photo, I chose to use the cute and lovely “Love Story” collection in my layout with it’s sweet candy pink palette. For the background layers I used Color Philosophy inks. The water soluble inks are perfect for backgrounds and I can’t wait to try the new archival type inks (link)

As you saw a bit further up, I recorded a video of my process with the page, hope you liked it! Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you all a lovely, sweet day! 


993924 – Love Story 12x12 Sheet
993979 – Love Story 6x6 Paper Pad
631338 – Love Story flowers Damianne 
631314 – Love Story flowers Charlotte 
631345 – Love Story flowers Princesse 
965259 – Paper Texture Paste 
589158 – Color Philosophy ink Flamingo 
589264 – Color Philosophy ink Frosting 
961466 – Clear Gesso 
597849 – Cherry Blossom Washi Tape 
994013 – Love Story Chipboard Stickers 
994044 – Love Story Heart Stickers 
994051 – Love Story Puffy Stickers 
994075 – Love Story Quote and Text Stickers 
994297 – Love Story SIIC 
572105 – Wire Thread Ivory 
961268 – Honeycomb stencil 
584566 – Tile stencil 

Materials: Prima Marketing

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