Canvases for Craft Stamper

Hello there! Once again I noticed something a bit ...older... in my drafts. These two canvases were published in the October 2016 issue of Craft Stamper in an article called "Acrylic Washes and Stencil Play". It was about creating sheer acrylic paints or washes and using That's Crafty stencils.

As you can see, I created two canvases with them - a bigger and a smaller one. The bigger one has a multitude of crows on it and the smaller one just one. I guess it's not a huge surprise that I went with blue and turquoise color scheme as it's my favorite one. 

Thank you for stopping by today! Please be back tomorrow as I share another project done for Craft Stamper! Ta ta for now!

Materials: Prima Marketing, Teipptarha, Ranger, That's Crafty, Sharpie

1 comment:

Marjorie DUMONTIER said...

Oh my ! That’s an incredible piece of art !

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