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Hiya! Continuing with the watercolor theme with this layout. Yesterday I shared a layout that was published in the January issue of Craft Stamper and here's a piece that was published in the June/July issue of Mixed Up magazine in an article called "Water sports". The article had two pieces, this layout with a step by step and also a card using the same idea. I shall blog the card tomorrow. 

The story in the layout is about my elements - how I used to think about what of the four would be my element and was really torn between air, water and fire. Somehow earth wasn't my thing, my I couldn't decide which of the three would be "mine". Nowadays I'm sure that it's water - water and especially sea. Whenever I'm feeling really puzzled, I take a walk to the sea shore and find the vast ocean to be soothing and thought clearing. 

What about you, what would be your element? And do you know where the pondering started in my childhood? From a cartoon called "Captain Planet"! Can you remember that? 

Materials: Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, A Flair for Buttons, Ranger, American Crafts, Teippitarha

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