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Hello there! Is it starting to feel like autumn? August usually is the turning point in Finland. The month starts with really summer like feel but slowly turns into those golden autumn evenings and days. 

End of Autumn and September are the harvest months so here's a little something to the harvest table. I guess you notice the gorgeous, huge sunflowers first, but look more closely to the pot. Looking aged, right? Please scroll down for a step by step tutorial as the piece is not older than a couple of weeks!

Step 1. Start by adhering some thick yarn and a flower like embellishment to a tin pot. Use 3D Gloss Gel as your adhesive. The embellishment can be self-made like here using air drying clay and a mold or a fancy button or anything. Let dry for a while. 

Step 2. Paint the whole project black using Black Gesso. The coat doesn't have to be pretty or even, it's just to give tooth for the mediums to stick and give a nice base coat. 

Step 3. Continue painting the whole project, this time use the Brass paint from the Patina Paste set. Again, as you can see, the layer doesn't have to be perfect. Concentrate on the raised areas and leave the grooves black like they would be on shadows.

Step 4. Start to add the patina to the piece using both Rust Paste and Patina Paste sets. Cover larger areas with the Brown and Red Rust and add just touches of Blue and Mint Green Patina. Look a piece of weathered metal for inspiration, how the colors are situated. 

Step 5. Add the finishing touches to the piece using the Yellow Rust and Brass Patina. Use these only to the highlights, the raised areas in small amounts. If you think you have overdone a place, add another coat of Rust Pastes or even Black Gesso on top and start over.

Step 6. Place some decorations to the  jar. Again use 3D Gloss Gel to adhere the pieces. Tuck the leaves and berry-like embellishments underneath the main piece. Let dry.

Step 7. If the added embellishments are too fresh looking, add some color on top using watercolors. You can also add a touch of the Brass paint from the Patina Set if you like. Before you use the piece, let it dry over night. Then just add a piece of oasis inside and arrange your flowers to a wonderful harvest center piece! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great start to the new week! 

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ikea

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Kathy B said...

This is beautiful! (Sunflowers are my favorite!!)

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