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It's again the 10th of the month and time for the "Inspired by" creation! But what is Inspired by? Every month awesome Marsha and I choose a subject to be inspired by. It can be for example an idea (link)a product (link), a poem (link), a movie (link) or a book (link). Or anything! Then we make something inspired by that theme or a piece of art and share it with you and each other on the 10th of the month. You can browse the past "Inspired By" posts from here (link).

For this Inspired By we went back to January and Frankfurt show. It's a mega big event. We both attended again this year, Marsha and me. She was working and I was just walking the show. If you want to see glimpses of the show, please check my Instagram (link).

The mega fair consists several different segments - Creativeworld, Paperworld and Christmasworld. Among other things the show has trend displays showing what's going to be hot on the current year. They are really beautifully done and really inspiring. But the biggest treat is a separate showroom with a special theme. If my memory serves me correctly, last year the theme was winter wonderland with forest theme. This year the title of the show was "Surprise Surprise" and it was a mix of Easter and Christmas with candy colors, pastels and shine. Above you can see the cover of the area's brochure and underneath is a couple of pictures I found on the internet inside the showroom. 


The showroom had lovely cherry trees in bloom, roses and tulips and all things fluffy. As you can see, there was a turquoise elephant and a pink emu. There were Easter eggs and candles in candy colors everywhere. I took a brochure of the space with me but unfortunately I managed to clean that somewhere really safe! So I took my inspiration from my recollection of the space, from the cover of the booklet above and also some pictures Marsha sent to me. 

The color scheme of the project was pretty much decided in a blink of an eye, but then I started to think what to do. I really liked the flowers that were around the area everywhere and also shown in the catalog. Especially roses were mentioned so I decided to do some of my own. First I thought to do something like a flower bouquet but then I came to think that I have already done that (link) in a previous Inspired By. Back to the drawing board, then. 

I wanted to keep the rose idea but needed something more. Then a photo of a bird reminded me of a die I have, "Paper-Cut Bird" (link). And that did it, I decided to make a card with the bird and self made roses.  

Here you can see the finished card! The background is done using a technique I saw Sanna demonstrate the first time I attended Creativeworld using Microfine Glitter with lace. As the bird is the laid on top, the lace pattern is not that visible in the big picture but you can see it up close. 

It was fun to do roses again, it's been so long since I last made flowers by hand! I used a die (link) to cut the petals and then used a tool to treat the petals into shape. I also used some pearls to decorate the card inspired by the pearly baubles there were in the showroom.

Now that you've seen my take of the subject, it's time to head over to Marha's blog! Here you have the direct link to her post (link). Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great start to the week!

Materials: Sizzix, Prima Marketing, 7 Dots Studio, Elizabeth Craft Designs

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Marsha Valk said...

Oooh! I almost incorporated that same glitter technique in my project! That would have been something! Lovely card!

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