Inspired By... Rörd by Ikea

It's again the 10th of the month and time for the "Inspired by" creation! But what is Inspired by? Every month awesome Marsha and I choose a subject to be inspired by. It can be for example an idea (link)a product (link)a person (link) or a book (link). Or anything! Then we make something inspired by that theme or a piece of art and share it with you and each other on the 10th of the month. You can browse the past "Inspired By" posts from here (link).

This time we wanted to do something similar to this previous Inspired By (link) - being inspired by an item, object, product from Ikea. Why Ikea? Well, that was the easy way to ensure we both would get our hands to the same thing! The idea was also to take some item from the new collection so when I got a mail from Ikea announcing that some newbies had been added to the store, I jumped to search them and mailed my suggestions to Marsha. I got my eye on this one from the start and it was her first choice, too! So we chose to go with the set of three little statues, Rörd. 

The statues are made of aluminium but painted black to resemble iron. They are wonderful and beautiful as they are. Which naturally caused me a huge problem. What to do to them?! If you want to see, if Marsha had the same problem, then here's link to Marsha's take on this source (link).

I thought about just painting them, but that seemed a bit dull. I thought to covering them with monoprints. I thought using them as stamps or other tools, not the actual project. But then in the end I allowed myself to go there, where my first idea led me. To altering them and adding things to them.

While thinking about what to do, I also thought should I play with just one figurine or the whole set. When I had set my mind to following my original idea, I thought to alter the whole set of three. I created a slightly different atmosphere to each one of them. First I thought to make the squirrel white and all the others black, but then it didn't fit to the set. As I already had set my mind of doing a rusty one and actually painted the bunny to resemble aged copper, I thought to go with a set of three different metals. So there's the rusted iron, then something resembling copper and the third one I was going for tin. 

Here they all are together! The rabbit is my favorite, but I quite like how they all turned out. As these three are once again really hard to take photos of as the dimension is lost in there, I shot a little video showing the projects in all sides.

This was again a fun thing to do! I enjoyed thinking how to treat the statues and just playing with the different mediums. Now it's time to head over to Marsha's and see what she made with the trio (link)! Thank you for stopping by today! 

Materials: Prima Marketing


Marsha Valk said...

Ah! These are wonderful! I love the paint finish on all three of them! And I think the bear is my favourite because of the goggles :-). Well done!!! <3

Jonna said...

Upeita! Kyllä sä oot niin taitava :)

Sylvie said...

They are amazing, i rerally love and i decided to do the same to offer for Christmas !! But, how did you proceed ? Did you first stick the elements on the animals and then paint ? What products did you use to make them rust and what is the list of the Finnabair elements ? I thank you very much to help me Riikka, Sylvie (from France !!)my e.mail : sylviederos64@orange.fr

Riikka Kovasin said...

Hi Sylvie! Thank you for your comment and interest! The steps in creating these are so similar to a workshop I keep so I can't explain the steps here. The rust is created mostly with the Finnabair Rust Paste set. Besides the Mechanicals I also used other Prima metal embellishments in these, some of which are from older lines. Mechanicals include for example the Grungy Butterflies of the new release. I'll mail you the info as well :)

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