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Hello there! Is it the "back to work" day after the holidays? At least in this family it was sort of that - first day care day for the kid's after the long vacation. So in case you've not noticed I've keeping several workshops in Finland this spring! There's Halikko, Turku and Helsinki scheduled! Please see the sidebar for more details! And more to come, hint, hint!

I also want to tell you that I'm heading for Frankfurt in the end of the month and attending the Paperworld! Yay! It's a first time for me and I'm so keen to see the event and all people and booths!

But back today's page! It's done for A Flair for Buttons - for this first page of the year for the team I wanted to make something a bit different and use as many lovely flairs as possible. So I made up this circus style design and added flairs across the circle. Like the balls of a juggler. There's also small punched circles along the line as well as hole reinforcements. 

The page is about the love of my life so to say - crafting and scrapbooking. Making things keeps me going and peace on Earth. Don't take me too seriously, though! But it was when I thought about studies in my late teens when I realized that university studies weren't for me even though my grades were good enough and I've always loved academic subjects. It hit me when I was familiarizing with Turku University before the applying process and I realized that there wouldn't be any crafts among the studies as there had been so far. So I took a completely other route and went to study design. 

The color scheme of the page came from the Fairy flair as the others I chose for the page are quite neutral. Like I love mixing and matching patterned papers and different paper collections, I find it exhilarating to mix different flairs together. And there's so many to choose from in the shop!

I added some orange and red watercolor to the background and made the harlequin pattern using a stencil and red ink. I also used red papers in the layers behind the photo and turned the piece of the resist canvas into orange with watercolor.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Ps. I'm just starting the Artists Live show when this post goes live so hope you can join in! Here's the link to the channel (link)!

Flair sets used:


Materials: A Flair for Buttons; 7 Dots Studio, Prima Marketing, Teippitarha, Sharpie, Ranger, American Crafts, Fiskars, Epiphany Crafts

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