My favorites of 2014 - cards

Good evening! As the turn of the year is closing I'm dedicating the last posts of this year to different favorites. I'm posting my favorite cards, layouts and canvases/altered projects of 2014. 

This year has been a good one in many ways. I'm very thankful for all the opportunities that I've had to design and guest over different brands, the pieces that have get published and the articles I've had pleasure writing to magazines. I'm grateful for all the visits here in my blog, all the followers in different social media sites and all the crafty friends around the world! So a big thank you to you all!

In this first post I'm concentrating on my favorite cards done in 2014. Well, cards and tags as the first picture shows some tags. I ruled the ATCs out of this category and shall add them among the last set of favorites which is about everything else than cards and layouts so to say. I did a similar style posts last year, too. So if you care to compare here's my post from last year with the top cards of 2013

Underneath you see my choices of my favorite 10 cards of 2014. I didn't do them that many this year but I still needed some pondering deciding which ones to include here. I also included the links to the original posts if you wish to see the materials for example. 

Looking the pictures below I see that I've been using every color of the rainbow this year. There's yellow, blue and red together with purple, orange and green. Well, blue is more turquoise than blue and red is pink, but anyway. What the cards have in common is the use of different mediums - and oh how I do adore playing with them! Most of the also have one vocal point but not all. 

But without further ado, here's my picks of 2014! Thank you for stopping by today! If you think some card is missing from here or you have a favorite, please share! 

(link to post) GDT Um Wow Studio

(link to post) 7 Dots Studio

(link to post) Canvas Corp Brands

(link to post) GDT A Sprinkle of Imagination

(link to post) Craft Stamper

(link to post) Epiphany Crafts

(link to post) Craft Stamper

(link to post) Canvas Corp Brands

(link to post) Craft Stamper

(link to post) Craft Stamper


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