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Hello there! Today it's again my time to share a project over at Finnabair's blog! It feels always so surprising and unreal to see something I've done in there!

My inspiration for this project came from a snow globe. I wanted to turn the Finnabair clock frame into a festive, wintery decoration. What I thought the clock needed was a domed glass like in some alarm clocks. That round shape led my mind into snow globes and then the idea was born. Then came the tricky part - where to find such a shaped piece or how to do it. I tried out several ways not having the result I wanted but finally managed to mould a doming piece. You want to know how it's made? It involves a heat gun, a sheet of transparency, a metal bowl and a sieve. Oh, and also some mad professor attitude. 

I started by building up the snowy landscape inside the clock. The velvety night sky with stars is made using black gesso, Glass Beads and the star shaped brads. The snowy hills are build using Modeling Paste and gesso. The big tree is made out of Finnabair's Mechanicals and the little ones just from pieces of cardboard, all of them then coated with Art Mediums. 

The surface of the clock is decorated with faux snow, pretty much the same way as in these mixed media trees I did. I also included some lacy, snowflake style embellishments and glitter. If you want to see how I made the clock snow globe, please see the video below! I tried to cut it short yet informative.

The tricky part with projects like these is where to put them after they are finished. Luckily my parents liked the clock and so I'll be seeing it around Christmas time when we head over to our cabin.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you great start to the week!


Materials: Prima Marketing, Sizzix, Luminarte, Sodalicious


  1. This looks absolutely stunning------I don't think I'd ever be game enough to try it! I am in awe of your creativity:):)

  2. OMG I love this Riikka!!!!! It's so amazing and creative.

  3. Tämä "kello" on kyllä niiiiiin kaunis <3 Kiitos Riikka :)

  4. Ihanaa "Winter wonderland " taikaa tässä luomuksessasi! Tykkään kovasti ♡.♡ Taianomainen tunnelma.


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