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Hello there! I made two pages with the Epiphany Crafts circle tool some time ago and here's the other one. You can see them both in Epiphany Craft's blog.

The page is about a concert I attended this spring which had three bands playing and they all are my favorites. It was like a jackpot! The picture collage lead my choice of colors so I used red, blue and purple in the page together with black and dark grey.

In order to get the colors showing from the dark background I started the page by adding some white gesso on to it. I also could have used acrylic paints as they have more coverage than the watercolor style Gelatos I used, but the mood would have been completely different. In order to get the playful effect also the stage lights had, I used Gelatos and treated them like watercolors.

Can you spot the Round 25 embellishments in the page? Here's the tools I used to create them! The lighter ones on the side are done with Gelatos - applying the crayon to white paper and then treating the marks with water. You can create a similar effect of course with many different mediums.

The darker ones around the photo are made using embossing powders. And here comes the funny part - I didn't emboss a piece of cardstock but added the powders straight to the adhesive side of the bubble caps! The only thing that you have to take into consideration is heating with care. The powder needs to melt but you can't over-heat the epoxy shape, otherwise it'll melt. So take time and concentrate on the shape. If it starts to warp because of the heat, you can always press it a little with something smooth. But be aware! The shapes get really hot! Don't burn your fingers!

Here's the watercolor style Rounds. I added something extra to a few with stamps. Use an ink that is suitable for sleek surfaces like StazOn and use the stamp with out the acrylic block so you can warp it around the dimensional shape. The smallest detail can make a huge impact! Try for example stamping a date or a word on top of the bubble cap!

And here are the embossed Rounds! I used several powders to make them fit to the colors I was using. I sprinkled a little of each powder on top of the adhesive in the back and then covered the shape totally with the last powder to get a full coverage. After the shapes had cooled I then adhered a piece of white cardstock to the back to really show off the colors.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great evening!

Supplies from Epiphany Crafts:

Materials: Epiphany Crafts, 7 Dots Studio, 3rd Eye, Talens, Design Memory Craft, Wow! Embossing Powders, Sodalicious, ColorConspiracy, Ranger, Tsukineko

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