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Good evening! Something amazing happened yesterday - part of Finnabair's team were presenting the ArtBasics mediums in Prima's blog and I was one of the lucky ones sharing a project there! Here's the link to the post which lots of eye candy and ideas! 

I got the 3D Gels as my ArtBasics mediums. Like all the other ArtBasics, these two jars are so versatile and possess great powers. They can be used to make texture, to make a resist to water-based products, to adhere, to create custom pastes and also thicken paints, just to name a few. 

I used both 3D Gloss Gel and 3D Matte Gel in this little canvas. First I used the Gloss Gel to make the pattern to the background. I applied the Gel thickly through a stencil with a palette knife. After finishing the pattern, I then rinsed the stencil as otherwise the Gel would dry on it. As the Gel has body in it, it dries like the name implies, three-dimensional. 

Secondly I used the Matte version and adhered the Mechanicals, Prima blooms and also some random ephemera to the canvas forming the head piece of the lady. The 3D Gel has enough body and adhesive to even stick the heavy metal embellishments in place. It also gives them support from underneath if needed as it dries to 3D forms. My inspiration was Alphonse Mucha with the Art Nouveau style ladies and the circular halos they occasionally have around their heads. So I arranged the lace to form an arch around the lady's head and used a poppy bloom also inspired by the artist.

Thirdly I used the 3D Matte Gel to thicken the acrylic paint. Even though the paint I was using was heavy body to begin with, the Gel adds thickness to the paint and allows it to really stay dimensional. It also reduces the amount of paint you need to use as the Gel is "filling in", doing the job of the paint. I used my finger and tapped the thickened paint to her head forming locks of hair.

I also used the 3D Gloss Gel to add the finishing touches to the canvas. I stroked lightly the Gel here and there with my finger and then added ArtIngredients on top. The 3D Gel works well with the beads and glitters as it dries transparent and also has the thickness for the beads to sunk in. I also made a mix with the 3D Gloss Gel, Glass Glitter and Art Sugar and added the thick paste in few spots around the canvas.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a pleasant day!

Prima Products Used: 
Mechanicals: Flowers Medium 960315

Materials: Prima Marketing, Tattered Angels, Ranger, Talens, Design Memory Craft


Jaya Raghuvanshi said...

Gorgeous canvas Riikka!

enkulin käsityöt said...

Jestas miten ihana ja upea.

Riikka Kovasin said...

Thank you Jaya! <3

Riikka Kovasin said...

Suurkiitos :")

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