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Tämän päivän postaus inspiraation lähteineen on vain englanniksi. Pahoitteluni.

One thing that really intrigues me is where do creative people get their inspiration. Usually the answer is everywhere. Anything and everything can inspire and that's what I think creativity really is. An ability to see beyond the actual subject and create something else out of it in one's own might. Use the elements what we see as a jumping off points. 

I wanted to provide you with a little view inside my head and made a challenge to myself. I challenged myself to take photos during one day of things that inspired me. 12 hours and one photo per hour. Just 12 photos during a relatively normal day. I chose a day when I didn't have work shift, because otherwise it would have been just a few photos before and after work. Of course there were many more things that inspired me, but I only chose to show one for every hour.

So here it comes, 12 pictures and 12 sources for inspiration.

8 am. I needed to wait some time for the post office to open so I went for a tea in Picnic cafe. The huge lamps provided me with instant inspiration of using paper cups as stamps with acrylic paint. Also the bright yellow color and the semi-see through material were inspiring. 

9 am. On my way home I saw this crane. I looove the look of it! The industrial roughness, the kaleidoscope of geometrical shapes. Absolutely gorgeous. Made me think of pencil lines or paper pieces of geometrical shapes like squares and triangles.

10 am. I was doing an assignment for a magazine using Copics. I got totally inspired by them once again and discovered a fun (new to me) technique. Sometimes it's fun to use the familiar products in a different way or to discover them after a long time. I need to experiment the possibilities of these pens more.

11 am. While going after a supply from my kid's room (don't ask), I saw these flowers I made for the Inspired by challenge some time ago. That got me into thinking of spending an evening or an afternoon making some hand-made blooms for my stash so they would be at hand to be used in projects. I've been pinning tutorial after tutorial to my Flowers board, but never experimented with any of them.

noon. I guess many of us are inspired or moved by music. Usually when I'm home alone, crafting, I always have something playing at the background. This time the album was Turisas2013. After the first listening I didn't really care for it, but it has definitely grown on me. Now I'm thinking I need to document my passion for this band.

1 pm. Grabbing a bite to eat. My husband used this herb for a dinner and some of it was left over so it's been whithering at our window sill ever since. It reminded me of the video Finnabair made for the Jump Start a year back and also my own experiments with things from the nature. I also love the texture of it and even the color. I might interpret it with calligraphy...

2 pm. Still working on the article pieces. As I don't have a craft room and work from our living room this is the scene I get to see. The moment I first saw it I fell in love. Love all those roof tops. The roof (which really could use some mending, by the way) has an inspiring texture, too. And look at those clouds - like pastels or watercolors! The color scheme is inspiring, too, like the "Domestic Goddess" line from 7 Dots Studio.

3 pm. Had to write down a new assignment and used these lovelies I got from Marsha. Of course they first reminded me about the project I did for the Inspired by challenge, but also from 3rd Eye anchor stamps. The bright colors are inspiring as well as the simple motifs in the tags. The way the different designs are positioned in the package might also inspire a design for a layout.

4 pm. The kiddies get home and start drawing. Their choise of colors, the lines they use and even proportions are really inspiring! Just look at those greens together with yellow and pink - what a fresh combination! And even the little basket with the crayons is somewhat eye candy. The bright colors, the shapes and the way they resemble confetti or remind me that I need to try to melt them on a canvas or a layout.

5 pm. Going through a few blog posts and finding this at Helen's blog. Other artists provide an endless inspiration! I just love how Helen has used the roses like a little tree. Makes my head fill with ideas doing canvas with a flower tree. 

6 pm. Dinner time. My hubby as well my whole family is constant source of inspiration. I think he's gorgeous. He's also the source of music in my videos and is my biggest support. He provides critique, support and a new point of view when necessary. His dedication to his own art is an inspiration to me. (Yeah, he got annoyed of me taking photos of him eating, lol)

7 pm. Spending time with the kiddies, building Legos and watching the "Grand Designs" with half an eye. The series has some awesome houses in it, like look at that combination of electric blue and white, but I also admire the way people realise their dreams. What could be more inspiring?

Hope you liked this post! What inspires you the most?


  1. How wonderful to spend the day through your eyes :) Ali x


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