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Hi there! I guess you have heard the news that Google reader is retiring and the service ends July 1st. So I thought to make a post about how you can still follow my blog after that.

You can start reading my blog via Feedly or Bloglovin'. I've already noticed some of you change over to Blogloving and recently found out that there's more than 350 subsciber in Feedly for my blog. Wow! Thank you all! There's all sorts of other readers, too, but these two I know of. I changed to Feedly myself.

You can stay in touch via other media, too. As you might know, my blog has also a Facebook page and I have created a Twitter account some time ago. I link my blog posts to the Facebook site, but I also share interesting links, DT calls and my tweets there not to mention the traditional status updates. If you want to see sneaks on what I'm currently working on, you can get a grasp from either Twitter, where I tweet pictures of my creations, or from the Facebook site as the tweets are shared there, too.

If you like my videos, you should then subscribe my Youtube channel. I'm currently more into "from start to finish" videos, but there's some technique videos there too. Recently I've done the techniques in step-by-step tutorial form, so keep checking the blog if you like them. I use different techniques in my layouts and they are shown in the "from start to finish" videos.

I also have online galleries at Flickr, Two Peas and Scrapbook.com. I try to keep them all updated so you can follow the one you prefer. If pinning is your thing, then you should check out my Pinterest boards. I pin inspirational layouts, cards and other things that inspire me. You can also find my own creations there.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. It's real annoying about google reader. So many get useed to it and then it gone!!! Anyway I'm a follower at blglovin' haven heard about feedly until now, but will check it out, thanks for the tip :)

    1. I agree - it was the first reader I started to use and I really liked it :) But luckily I'm ok with feedly, too. Slowly learning to use it :D


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