Hei, miks nää simmut ei pysy auki / Hey, why these eyes won't stay open

Tämä sivu julkaistiin elokuun Scrap365 lehdessä washiteippiartikkelissani. Kuvassa juuri kolme vuotta täyttänyt tyttöni kummastelee isoisoisältään saamaa vanhaa nukkea, että miksi silmät menevät sillä kiinni.

This is an older layout and it has been published in the August issue of Scrap365 magazine in my washi tape article. In the picture my older daughter is trying to keep open the eyes of the doll she had just got from her great grandfather as a birthday present. She turned 3.


  1. Wow Riikka! you create fab pages with washi, thanks sooo much for the inspiration! He he love the title and the arty background work that you do so incredibly well! Have a super Sunday! xoxo

    1. Thank you Eila! Hope you had a great Sunday too!

  2. Neat! Love the artsy/messy background look!

  3. This ones so cool and I just love the story!


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