Underneath are a few examples of the workshops I keep.

If you would be interested in a in-person workshop with me, please contact rkovasin(a), I would love to hear from you!

2018 NEW workshops:

I'm a total tea addict! This drink does not only taste good, it also has a great color! You can do so much with tea and tea bags. During the workshop we'll make an assemblage on top of a note book cover and a card using the same techniques. Tea tones, different mediums and layers. The workshop is great for beginners as well who want to learn about different mediums. 

Prima came out with some fabulous new mediums and collections this spring! During this workshop we'll play with them! We're going to create layers and texture to a card and a door sign during the class and decorate them with pretty flowers. Light colors, white on white and softness of watercolors.

Older workshops:

Watercolors are awesome! They can transform a background totally even though they are translucent. In this workshop we play with watercolors and make a minialbum from separate sheets of paper. We also add gold foil details to the album and think about composition and color.

I love how a scrapbooking layout can document the story both in words but also in the feeling, colors and textures of the page. In this workshop we create a textured layout which can be an explosion of color or subtle and serene depending of the mood and story of the photo.

Does mixed media intrigue you but you don't know how to start? Would you like to give the purchased papers your own look? In this workshop we make a customized background using gesso, mists and stamps, building layers with them. I show you my all time favorite technique while creating a one of a kind background. On top we layer patterned papers and other elements thus creating an unique, personal page!

A flowering layout with a twist! In this workshop we use a lot of flowers and add a cluster of them to our page. We turn Washi Tape into roses and play with black gesso, Mica powders and make layers using different mediums.

Shimmery pastel colors and soft tones, this canvas is a subtle piece but has many mediums and techniques included. We work with modeling paste, gel medium and Sculpture Medium - a fabric hardener. Collaging, making layers and coating all with some opal shimmer!

Think about summer. If you would need to captivate her to a canvas, how would she look? In this workshop we make a portrait of a fairy-like creature using mixed media. We'll be using gel medium, gesso, mists, acrylic paints and PanPastels to give the piece original, unique look. The workshop gives ideas what to include to a piece of canvas and also gives info about the different mediums. The end result is soft, dreamlike piece with a lot of texture and elements.

Rough and grungy canvas project with layers and metal. In this workshop will be playing with different mediums and creating a metal heart using a few simple products. We will familiarize ourselves with gel medium, black gesso and shimmering Micas.

We're but dust and shadow. This framed project is just that - layers, dust and shadow. We create a monochromatic an assemblage with a weathered, dusty effect. We play with gel medium, gesso and Texture Powder - no colors added. 

If you were an archaeologist, what would you find buried in the ground or under the sea? How would time have changed the objects? In this workshop we make an assemblage and then treat it with rust and decay. We use several mediums to create an aged, just surfaced look.

Light and dark - Opal Magic paints work differently on these surfaces. It's like night and day! This workshop is inspired by that thought and we're altering two little horses during this workshop creating one for day and one for night. Mixed media, playing with gel mediums and paints and naturally the astonishing effect of the Finnabair Opal Magic paints. 

A workshop to merge two of my favorites - black gesso and PanPastels. We use a painter's palette as the page and create a one of a kind composition on top using different elements. Dark at first but with a lot of color on top.

The key element in this workshop is a cherished object that we include into the design of an art journal cover. We will use gel medium in two ways during the workshop and create a one of a kind piece to keep memories or to create art.

In this workshop we transform a heart embellishment into a metal one and play with black gesso and iridescent Mica. Lots of mixed media elements and the end result is a one-of-a-kind cover of a journal for you to start to fill with memories.

ATC's or artistic trading cards are a perfect place to experiment and try out different mediums. They're small in size but huge when techniques are concerned! In this workshop we play with the Finnabair mediums and create a set of mixed media cards with lots of layers and mixed media touches.


  1. I love your vision and style! White space drives me crazy and I am always looking for ways to fill it up. I have studied your style and I'm practicing with mists for the first time. Watching your videos on YouTube have inspired me. I also subscribe to Creating Keepsakes and enjoy your featured layouts! Thank you for sharing your talent!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words Pamela!

      White space can balance out a busy layout, but that space doesn't need to be totally white either - I always add atleast some paint splashes there :D I can't leave it untouched either!

      Mists are so much fun! I'm so happy that you are trying them out! Just have fun with those :)

      Huge hugs!

  2. I love your style too. Do you have an online workshop? I can't seem to find the layout one. You are sooo talented and I would love to be able to learn from you.

    1. Hi Paula! Thank you for your lovely comment and interest! I've guested in a few online workshops, but nothing is currently running. Maybe in the future again? :)


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